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Technology and Cold-Delivery

Developing the ultimate craft cocktail; no compromise

We went through multiple design iterations to create our final prototype, and brought together a group of bartenders, industry veterans, designers, mechanical engineers and fashionistas who worked as a motley crew to set the bottle strategy. 

Pre-bottled, but not pre-mixed 

We're finally delivering mixology, bottled, for the first time.  In order to make the most of our quality ingredients, we needed a vessel that did them justice.  Our bottles separate spirits, liqueurs, bitters and tinctures from cold-pressed juices, artisanal syrups, and water.  

When you're ready to drink, twist the bottle, mixing everything fresh in your hand to make a perfectly-balanced craft cocktail designed by a renowned bartender. 

Never heated, always cold, always perfect 

Our cocktails are always kept cold -- from batching to bottling to distributing to store shelves.  This is the first integrated refrigerated supply chain in distilled spirits.  This is the first widely-distributed craft cocktail.  To find this level of quality, you'll need to go to our favorite bars here in LA or in New York. 

Find out more about our Winter 2017 launch of the first line of Cocktail Theory.  Each cocktail is a unique cocktail production, collaborating with different spirit brands and local industry innovators, all with a distinct bottle design.